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Also included in the parcels are a deck of cards, a book of crossword puzzles, snacks, games, suntan lotion, tissues, a hacky sack ball, moist towelettes, a hand-held fan and a multipurpose tool packaged in a lightweight, durable, reusable travel bag.Each bag also has an acknowledgement card that the gift is made possible through the generosity of the American people.If anyone has further information please let us know.A recent offering from Camillus Cutlery are the tried and true military knives coated in a Desert Tan epoxy coating.Browning Knives and Gerber Knives are also famous blades that will see you through your outdoor adventures.

(AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Company ( Roberson Cutlery Straight Razor ( Robeson Tang Stamps (CANoyes Photobucket) Schrade Tang Stamps ( Schrade Cut.

but were not widely available until the arrival of the Industrial Revolution and the development of machinery capable of mass production.

Most locking knives have only one blade that is as large as can be fitted into the handle, because the locking mechanism relies on the spring along the back of the blade to lock it and it is difficult to build in multiple levers, one for each blade.

We carry a huge stock of hunting knives, multi-tools, and outdoor knives from some of the most famous knifemakers out there.

Check out our extensive range of CRKT Knives to see all kinds of outdoor options, from hunting and fishing knives to everyday pocket knives.