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Liquidating real estate assets

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When a person passes away, the process of complying with the terms of the will is known as probate.

This legal process generally involves appointing an executor (typically named in the will) to manage the decedent’s estate.

Marshalling is the collecting of assets – selling real estate or personal property, transferring bank accounts in the estate account, liquidating stocks and other securities, and generally transferring all monies into the estate account.

The estate account should be opened as soon as the estate representative is appointed.

sell by a certain date, auctions can be an effective exit.

In this case, the real estate market would be said to be a liquidating market, as most of the market's participants are chiefly interested in liquidating their assets into cash at that time.

A liquidating market is one in which the majority of investors are leaving or selling off their securities traded in that market, so that overall there is a general liquidation of securities in that market.

A liquidating market can occur for pretty much any type of security if the right conditions develop.

Inventory the assets your business owns and wishes to liquidate.

Your list should include a detailed description of each item, photograph, purchase information, condition, warranty certificates and repair records, if applicable.