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The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (WTS) is a conservative Christian denomination whose theology differs greatly from that of Fundamentalist and other Evangelical denominations.

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They didn't want to deal with Cracked so they just left.

But then a shitstorm of lunatics came on the radar and our editor had to be cunning and clever to convince them to visit Cracked.

Unfortunately, the top-level domain for Switzerland is .ch, so you can see where the problem lies:

Perhaps only for English speakers, but when the vast majority of the web is in English, it’s worth taking time to make sure your URL doesn’t have unforeseen semantic meanings.

Raised as Orthodox Jews, brothers Benny and Rafi Fine (pretty literal, eh?

The website receives over 1 billion unique views a month, and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month– almost an hour for every single human being on the planet.It showed very few original programmes, none of which have been repeated.Sometimes, people make stupid decisions, especially when choosing a URL for their website.Consider, if you will, the flash memory manufacturer Swissbit.We’ve reviewed several of its clever army knives with integrated USB flash drives in the past, but only recently realised that it registered a website address for its own country as well as a general On Omegle, people can confide in others with confidence, lie to them for hilarious effect or just have a casual conversation about what deathcore-darkwave metal album they just torrented.